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Soon in 2019: we will publish books XX & XXI covering year 1573 !

« ProjetGordes » is a project in Modern History regarding the french Wars of Religion between 1565 and 1576. The Gordes’ team aim at valorizing and publishing 31 volumes from « K » series archives from the château de Chantilly.  In total, there are 7018 letters extracted from Bertrand Raimbaud de Simiane, Baron de Gordes et Lieutenants général du Roi en Dauphiné correspondance during this period.

It is a multi-level and multi-stakeholder project. Institutionally, the project GORDES is the fruit of partnerships and conventions concluded between the INSTITUT de FRANCE, represented by the curator of the Library and Archives of the Château de Chantilly, the University Paris 13, through the laboratories PLEIADE and TTN and LA POSTE business foundation. The first institution graciously provided the fund and financed half the cost of digitization provided by ARKHENEUM. The second institution financed the other half of the operation. Finally, the third invested in the project by providing the necessary funds for the critical edition of a choice of letters.

The historians-researchers Team aims to transcribe the entire series "K" in order to make it available to a larger scientific and non-scientific audience thru a dedicated website built with Isilex, Xavier-Laurent Salvador's Xquery & XML Content Management System freely available already used by French Collège de France.

The GORDES project should make it possible to consult the originals JPEG format, their transcription and will carry out thematic research (proper names, places, common names). Thanks to geolocation software, we'll edit and build a cartography of the letters as well as a fine cartography of the displacements of the writers. In addition, thanks to Isilex, the navigation of the different options will make it possible to find additional information on the largest possible number of actors of the "K" series, such as biographical notes, bibliographic references, other archives of interest to them.

Beyond the history of Dauphiné in the trial of the first wars of religion, the project GORDES would like to be part of a total history project redesigned and adapted to Digital Literacies.