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Currently Available: Transcriptions and Facsimiles of Vols XVII-XIX (1572). Vols XX and XXI (1573) will be available in 2019

Projet GORDES is a project to transcribe and publish online a major collection of documents relating to the French civil wars and concerning the years 1565 to 1576. The project team aims to publish and render accessible the manuscripts from Series K in the archives of the château of Chantilly. The collection consists of the correspondence of Bertrand Raimbaud de Simiane, baron de Gordes, and lieutenant-général du roi in Dauphiné – over 7,000 documents (principally letters addressed to the lieutenant).

The project has various levels of participation and different stakeholders. Institutionally, it is the fruit of partnerships and conventions concluded between the Institue de France, represented by the curator of the Library and Archives of the château of Chantilly, the Université de Paris-13 (Université de Paris-Nord) through its research laborfatories PLEIADE and TTN, and the LA POSTE foundation. The Institut de France generously provided the funds and financed half the costs for the professional digitisation of the materials, which was undertaken by ARKHENEUM. The Université de Paris-13 also generouslly supported the project by providing the balance of the funds for that digitisation. The foundation LA POSTE provided the necessary funds for a pilot critical edition of part of the colleection for the year 1572.

The aim of the team of historians and researchers attached to the projecvt is to transcribe the entire Series K collection in order to make it available to a larger scientifiic and non-scientific audience through a dedicated online website. This constitutes a further essential research partnership for projet GORDES since it has been constructed with ISILEX, am XQuery and XML Content Management System devised and directed by Xavier-Laurent Salvador, already used by the Collège de France and generously made available to the project free of charge.

Projet GORDES makes it possible to consult fac-similes of the original documents in JPEG format alongside transcriptions of the originals that enable detailed thematic research (on proper names, places, and text-string searches) of the materials. Using geo-localisation software a cartography of each letter’s place of origins and reception is also provided. The sophistication of ISILEX software enables the project to attach different levels of additional information to the various individuals mentioned in the documents, including biographical notes, references, and other relevant archival materials.

The resources provided here illuminate primarily the history of Dauphiné in the trials and tribulations of the wars of religion. But pojet GORDES also aims to be part of a more ambitious objective of making online resources available in early modern histiory and contributing to Digital Literacies.


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